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Inport-Wood NV is a leading company in wholesale supply of wood products including mainly Softwood and Hardwood lumber, biomass and specifically wood pellets for heat, energy and animal bedding. Our products are certified according to the European wood standard.

We supply customers in the European Union and all around the world. Our activities span to countries  in the EU like Italy, Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Greece, Austria, Germany, etc. We equally supply to Asia , Africa, America and the Middle East. About 85% of our production is sold in the export market.


Fast Service

We have a team of professionals dedicated to ensure a fast and reliable preparation of your orders, respecting lead times and expected delivery.

Global Shipping

We deliver into your warehouse no matter where you are located in the EU and UK. We also ship and delivery into the Unites States, Canada, Asia and Middle east.

Best Quality & Prices

Industry leading premium grade 15kg Wood Pellets, certified to meet and exceed the demanding ENplus A1 quality certification.

Customer Review

Great product! Great service! Great Pricing. I Highy reccomend NV Inport-Wood for thier professionalism and the high quality of thier wood pellets. I was amazed by all the efforts they put in to deliver my order right to my factory door.
Jessica T
Thank you so much for the friendly and efficient approach you took to handle my order. Despite a rough start, i have to thank you for the quality products and the timely delivery of my orders. My business is stable since i started working with you.
Lino V

Featured Products

ENPLUS A1 Wood Pellets 6mm

These wood pellets, ‘golden’ 6mm, are ENplusA1 certified for quality. These high-quality wood pellets are suitable for heat production in pellet stoves and pellet boilers. The pellets are produced from the residues of the timber industry and are environmentally friendly.

KD Pine/Spruce Lumber

Heat treated (KD), Cut edged, Surfaced 2 sides soft wood lumber with moiture content less than 15%. Can be used in refined wood works, carpentry, decorations, Palleting , etc. Presents No sap, No black dots, No insect/fungus attack, Flat & Smooth, No waving, No blue vains.

Kiln Dried Hornbeam Firewood

Firewood moisture content up to 20%, length 23-25cm or 30-33cm, split thickness 8-16cm. Firewood is stacked in wooden boxes 1RM, 1.8RM, 2RM. Other sizes of firewood or boxes are possible at the request of the customer

Epal Euro Pallets

Comprises of 11 boards of quality timber, 9 woodchip or solid wood blocks, 78 nails. Produced according to the EPAL Technical Regulations. Length ;800 mm, Width;1,200 mm, Height; 144 mm, Weight Approx.;25 kg, Safe working load; 1,500 kg. When stacking laden pallets on a solid, even surface, the bottommost pallet must not exceed a load of max. 5,500 kg.

KD European Beech Lumber

Thickness: 26/32/38/50/60mm Length: 350-3000mm Width: 80 (100&up) Quality: A/B/C, KD<10%, steamed & non-steamed, edged & unedged European beech elements (Rough, S4S) steamed & non-steamed.

100% RUF Wood Briquettes, KD

RUF pine is made from pure, untreated wood by-product (sawdust) and is held together by compression alone, containing no additives or chemicals. 100% pine sawdust, <1% Max. ash content, <5% Max. water content, Block size :150mm x 90mm x 65mm, Weight per pack 12 blocks = 10kg.

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